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Thursday, 28. April 2016
From: Festøya Operatør: F To: Solavågen Duration: ca 20 minutes less 

MF Storfjord

MF Hjørundfjord



Time table

Time table for the period 29.03.16 - 01.05.16
From: Festøya00:0000:4001:2002:0002:4004:1005:10
From: Solavågen00:2001:0001:4002:2003:4004:4005:30
From: Festøya05:5006:3006:5507:2507:5508:2508:55
From: Solavågen06:1006:5507:2507:5508:2508:5509:25
From: Festøya09:2509:5510:2510:5511:2511:5512:25
From: Solavågen09:5510:2510:5511:2511:5512:2512:55
From: Festøya12:5513:2513:5514:2514:5515:2515:55
From: Solavågen13:2513:5514:2514:5515:2515:5516:25
From: Festøya16:2516:5517:2517:5518:2518:5519:25
From: Solavågen16:5517:2517:5518:2518:5519:2519:55
From: Festøya19:5520:2520:5521:2521:5522:2023:20
From: Solavågen20:2520:5521:2521:5522:2522:4023:40
From: FestøyaOperatør: F 
From: Solavågen 

From: Festøya00:2001:2002:4004:1005:2006:4507:30
From: Solavågen01:0002:2003:4504:4505:5007:1007:55
From: Festøya07:5508:2508:5509:2509:5510:2510:55
From: Solavågen08:2508:5509:2509:5510:2510:5511:25
From: Festøya11:2511:5512:2512:5513:2513:5514:25
From: Solavågen11:5512:2512:5513:2513:5514:2514:55
From: Festøya14:5515:2515:5516:2516:5517:2517:55
From: Solavågen15:2515:5516:2516:5517:2517:5518:25
From: Festøya18:2518:5519:2519:5520:2521:4022:20
From: Solavågen18:5519:2519:5520:2520:5522:0022:40
From: Festøya23:20 
From: Solavågen23:40 

From: Festøya00:2001:2006:3007:2008:1509:0009:55
From: Solavågen00:4501:4006:5007:5008:4009:2510:25
From: Festøya10:2510:5511:2511:5512:2512:5513:25
From: Solavågen10:5511:2511:5512:2512:5513:2513:55
From: Festøya13:5514:2514:5515:2515:5516:2516:55
From: Solavågen14:2514:5515:2515:5516:2516:5517:25
From: Festøya17:2517:5518:2518:5519:2519:5520:25
From: Solavågen17:5518:2518:5519:2519:5520:2520:55
From: Festøya20:5521:2521:5522:2023:20 
From: Solavågen21:2521:5522:2022:4023:40 

Operator: Fjord1 AS Tlf. +47 57 75 70 00, fax: +47 57 75 70 01

On board fascilities

Café Wireless Internet Kiosk Automat


Price list pr. Thursday 28 April 2016
Festøya-Solavågen less 
Fare cost pr person Vehicle fares included driver MC
Adults Senior/ children 0 m-6,0 m 6,01 m-7,0 m 7,01 m-8,0 m 8,01 m-10,0 m 10,01 m-12,0 m 12,01 m-14,0 m 14,01 m-17,0 m 17,01 m-19,0 m 19,01 m-22,0 m Incl. driver
A1 A2 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 C
34 17 87 215 252 333 405 470 574 659 762 57
Rate zone 5

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